Ode To the Two-Faced Loser


Here’s to the two-faced loser
Who thinks he’s a saint, but is really an accuser.
He sees himself as preaching
But is simply false teaching.

You throw the Bible in my face,
I know I’m covered by God’s grace.
So I’m going to hell one of these days?
I’ll be in Heaven giving Him all the praise.

The Word says to love others as ourselves,
Does condemning show love to anyone else?
And you’re truly the one to blame,
You give Jesus a bad name.

He died for both the loved and the hated,
Somehow you think that idea has faded.
The Lord stays the same,
And this I will proclaim!
Your teachings always ail me,
But His love will never fail me.

The gospel is what you claim,
But your words are full of Satan’s name.
“To hell all of you will go!”
My salvation you do not know.
I am here to make fishers of men,
Not stand like you and simply condemn.

You continue to place the blame,
But we are sinners all the same.
Condemnation leaves a mess,
It never leads to success.

So go dive into your Bible,
Because it’s really very vital
For truly sharing the love of the Lord,
Instead of judging under your righteous sword.


© Grace Cooksey, 29 November 2012

One response

  1. This is such a great piece! I enjoyed reading it!

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