The Fall of Trump: A New Image of the Donald

Tracy Wuster


In September, I collected a range of images of Donald Trump in “The Summer of Trump: Clown, Gasbag, Monster, Anti-PC Hero, and Other Images of THE DONALD.”  Like many people watching the spectacle of the presidential primary season, I felt that surely the Trump spectacle wouldn’t last, something that Trump said would surely lead him to be a footnoted joke like Herman Cain, Michelle Bachman, or Rick Santorum.  I was wrong.

On that post, I promised to keep up with the images, but my fatigue at all things Donald kicked in after an update or two.  And, for the most part, the images were fairly consistent–clown, gasbag, misogynist, racist, etc., with the occasional pro-Donald cartoon coming in from the right-wing.  As this cartoon shows, Trump’s constant media presence and proclivity to shoot off his mouth surely keeps cartoonists busy.

But over the course of the fall and into the winter, one image started to recur more and more–and image that seems to go beyond the normal confines of the relatively safe satire of political cartoons: the image of Donald Trump as a fascist.

Portraying Trump in relation to Nazi or general fascist imagery seems to me to be a step beyond how cartoonists portray tend to portray major political figures.  A google image search for such images for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush turn up only scattered images.

Especially after Trump’s comments about banning Muslims from the U.S., images connected him with fascism were not scattered, they were prominent.  Here are the images:

All images copyright of their creators.

And in February and early March, we have the link between Trump and the KKK/David Duke.


7 responses

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  2. It is truly a sad day in America when a man like Trump is seriously considered as a candidate to be President.

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  4. Very nice article. It makes me think about the notion of what (if anything) is “too far” in political cartoons. When the cartoon of Henry Kissinger, well,…copulating with the world, was published, there was much disagreement beforehand if the cartoon was suitable. The cartoon by David Levine caused much consternation at The Nation magazine. Yet, the editor, Victor Navasky, decided to publish it. Part of me thinks there has to be limits. Yet, with our current president, Donald Trump, maybe we have to remember what Hippocrates said–Extreme diseases require extreme measures.

    1. I am familiar with the cartoon and Navasky’s book. I didn’t find that cartoon all that controversial, but I may have when it was first published in the 1970s. Somehow, public speech has to find a way to rise above the din of a society that is overrun with public speech.

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