The Election! Zombies, dogs, and white people! Humor and politics in short video form…

Tracy Wuster

The election is upon us.  If you live in a swing state, I am sure you are sick to death of political commercials.  If you live in Texas, like me, I am sure you are sick of Geico commercials, Ford Truck Month , and that Tostitos commercial with the dancing bag…

It seems to me that humor has played an interesting role in this election.  Not that humor hasn’t long played a role in elections, going back centuries.  I have discussed the question of satire in relation to the Daily Show here.  We have also looked at political cartoons here and here . The question of voter fraud here. See also Mark Twain’s views on running for president here.  But increasingly that role seems to have been played out on YouTube videos and spread across social networks via Facebook and Twitter.  Short, funny videos have gone viral, as the term has it, and shaped the way some people perceive the terms of the election.

Via my Facebook feed, here are the most posted humorous videos of the campaign season.  Which is your favorite?  Are there others?


Joss Whedon on Mitt Romney and the Zombies

Chris Rock’s Message to White Voters

Mr. Burns endorses Romney

Homer votes…promoting The Simpsons via political satire.

A Bad Lip Reading of the First Debate (oddly fascinating and laugh-out-loud funny)

Mitt Romney Style (Gangham Parody)

Mr. Romney’s Neighborhood

Another from Self-Deprecate: Obama and Romney play the dozens at a barber shop.  And more from the site.


3 responses

  1. A bit one-sided, as you’ve said — except for the debate piece and the new “The end is near” comic panel, which tweak both candidates — but overall, it made me laugh aloud: “Spam . . it has its own key” and other lines; Rock finally filling in his remark a year or so ago about Clinton as the first black president and Obama as a white one.

    But where are our conservative humorists or humorists who are not taking a side, but poking fun at all, whenever merited?

    Here is a thoughtful piece by Stephen Kruiser, called “Debunking Liberal Myths About Conservative Comedy” that you might find interesting:

  2. Just before “Whedon on Romney” came out, I had been working on a Romney-based parody of The Cranberries’ “Zombie”. After I saw (and was highly amused by) that video, I put together a mashup of sorts of his video and my song:

  3. […] The Election! Zombies, dogs, and white people! Humor and politics in short video form… […]

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