Stand-Up Sunday: Tig Notaro

To those who do not follow the contemporary world of stand-up comedy Tig Notaro is not exactly well known.  To those who do she is one of the best working today.  Tig’s style of comedy is that of a storyteller, a storyteller who’s low key style is punctuated by a series of understatements that combine both a keen sense of awareness and a subtle naiveté that the audience is invited to participate in.  Much of Tig’s humor relies on this juxtaposition, creating laughs by intentionally not pointing out the obvious, letting the audience do it instead.

This is what I find the most entertaining about the story in this first clip.

This second one is shorter but offers a similar feel.

While much of Notaro’s career has been played under the radar that is likely to change with her recent revelation that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Like her stand up, what was noteworthy was in how Notaro chose to publicly announce her diagnosis; onstage during a set at Largo in Los Angeles in late August.  Word of this announcement spread shortly after an audience member posted this reflection on the special moment created during the performance.  America’s preeminent comic of the moment Louis C.K. was in attendance, noting on his Twitter account “In 27 years doing this I’ve seen a handful of truly great, masterful stand up sets.  One was Tig Notaro last night at Largo.”  C.K. recently released the audio recording of the entire set through his website, a gesture noted for its similarity with his own process of realeasing material to fans.  While I cannot post the audio clip to this site I would suggest downloading it as it definitely captures a moment that defies the attempts to describe it cited here.  A set that truly captures the essence of what makes live performance different from any other.

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    My latest post of Humor in America. A few thoughts on some of my favorite clips of Tig Notaro. Check out her Largo set on Louis C.K.’s website.

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