Daily Archives: June 29th, 2012

. . . which reminds me . . .

Dramatization of the blogger reading today’s paper.

Somebody once said you know you’re getting older when everybody you meet reminds you of somebody else. This not only bears out, but it also holds true for news items. At my age, they tend to read like reruns or crib notes.

Today––apropos for summer in Memphis––I was up at dawn to beat the heat when two unrelated articles caught my attention: #1.) Scientists are working on a “smoking vaccine” and have developed a shot that blocks nicotine in the brains of mice. #2.) On this day in history––June 29,  in 1613––William Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre burned to the ground.

. . . Mice  .  .  . Fire .  .  . Which reminds me . . . .of this ingenious poem “The Country” by former Poet Laureate Billy Collins brought to life in animation by Brady Baltezor of Radium.

I was going to start theorizing about the allegorical meaning in the piece but (God bless the delete key) changed my mind.  As Cole Porter put it in “Kiss Me, Kate,” –– It’s too darn hot.

Sit back, take a cool sip and enjoy this delightful poem. If it whets your appetite for more animated Billy Collins poems, click here.