Sunday Stand-Up: Louis C.K. on Fatherhood.

Well it’s Father’s Day and if you’re anything like me your plans involve something to the effect of a phone call and new profile pic on Facebook. It probably also involves humorous takes on fatherhood and if so you’ve come to the right place.

Today we have Louis C.K.  I recently wrote about his approach to comedy but today is for highlighting how much of his comedy is about being a parent.  Which is to say a lot.  In addition to being wildly successful with his stand up special and TV show, C. K. is also now considered one of the best TV dads with the ways in which he discusses his struggles in being a good single parent.

In this first clip C.K. talks explicitly about why he doesn’t judge other parents, especially in public.  Because those people clearly have never had to deal with an endless stream of annoying questions from a child they are required by law to take care of.

This second clip is an animation about an encounter that C.K. himself had with a stranger judging his parenting skills.  What follows is one of the more insightful and funny takes on what it means to be a father offered in quite a while.

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