Approaching 30k Views

Tracy Wuster, Managing Editor

Sometime this week, the site will reach 30,000 views.  When we started all the way back in August 2011, we weren’t sure if we would find readers.  I am glad you have found us.

I am interested in who you are.  Please take time to answer this poll:

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See below for statistics!


A few lists…

Number of posts: 83

Number of Contributors: 20

Number of Subscribers: 172 (WordPress + Facebook + Twitter)

Busiest Month: February 2012 (5,065 views, 175 per day)

Busiest Day: February 4, 2012 (604 views)

Average views per day in 2012 (134)

The two most popular pictures opened by readers:

Top Ten Posts:

The Sound and the Furry: An Interview with Alfra Martini, Creator of The Kitten Covers by David Olsen 1,885
The third best gift of all: The Muppets and Laughter by Tracy Wuster 1,638
Politics and the American Sense of Humor by M. Thomas Inge 1,592
The Mark Twain Circle of America by Linda Morris 1,591
Power Girl and Girl Power (Or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bombshell) by David Olsen 1,093
Occupy Wall Street Cartoons, Post 2 by Tracy Wuster 883
Mark Twain and The Jumping Frog by Tracy Wuster 466
The Critics Dream Mark Twain: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Michael Kiskis 441
Occupy Wall Street in Political Cartoons by Tracy Wuster 366
Laura Who? A Study of Lost Cats and Missing Persons by David Olsen 277

Views by country (since Feb. 25th, 2012)

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 9,345
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 815
Canada FlagCanada 678
India FlagIndia 332
Australia FlagAustralia 298
Germany FlagGermany 221
Brazil FlagBrazil 196
Philippines FlagPhilippines 186
Italy FlagItaly 112
France FlagFrance 104

We have had readers from approximately 132 countries since February 25th (when WordPress began tracking this).

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