Ellen DeGeneres Wins Mark Twain Prize

Tracy Wuster

Back in November, we ran a post on Will Ferrell’s winning The Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.  We held a vote on who should win the prize next, based on nominations culled from discussion on the Mark Twain Forum, which ended in a three-way tie between Jon Stewart, Woody Allen, and Garrison Keillor.  Click below to vote in a run-off, just for fun.

In the real world of The Mark Twain prize, Ellen DeGeneres was just announced as this year’s winner.  Here is the announcement:

The Mark Twain Prize recognizes people who have had an impact on American society in ways similar to the distinguished 19th century novelist and essayist best known as Mark Twain. As a social commentator, satirist and creator of characters, Samuel Clemens was a fearless observer of society, who startled many while delighting and informing many more with his uncompromising perspective of social injustice and personal folly. He revealed the great truth of humor when he said “against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.”

The event is created by the Kennedy Center, and executive producers Mark Krantz, Bob Kaminsky, Peter Kaminsky, and Cappy McGarr. The Kennedy Center established The Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in October 1998, and it has been televised annually. Recipients of the Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize have been Richard Pryor (1998), Jonathan Winters (1999), Carl Reiner (2000), Whoopi Goldberg (2001), Bob Newhart (2002), Lily Tomlin (2003), Lorne Michaels (2004), Steve Martin (2005), Neil Simon (2006), Billy Crystal (2007), George Carlin (2008), Bill Cosby (2009), Tina Fey (2010), and Will Ferrell (2011).

What do you think?

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And, in light of our recent discussion of gay marriage (in cartoons here; in stand-up here), please enjoy a cartoon featuring Ellen:


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Seriously… I’m Kidding
by Ellen DeGeneres
The Funny Thing Is…
by Ellen Degeneres

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