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Introducing: Advertisements on the Site

Tracy Wuster, Managing Editor

Reader, you may have noticed, or you will notice, that “Humor in America” now has a number of advertisements on the sidebar and at the end of certain posts.  These ads are for Powell’s bookstore, an independent bookstore in Portland, OR.  I chose Powell’s because of its ease of integration, its clear policies on advertising, and because I support independent bookstores, in general, and love Powell’s specifically.

Some explanation:  we do not get paid for these ads directly.  The website will earn a 7.5% commission on purchases our readers make through Powell’s after clicking through one of the ads.  So, I encourage you to purchase books through the website to help support “Humor in America.”  We may also be including a small number of other advertisements in non-intrusive places on the website.  Contributors will have the choice of whether ads appear in their posts.

The aim of these advertisements is to support the website and its continued growth.  Money coming in will be used in the following ways:

1) operating expenses: payment for domain name and other wordpress necessities

2) payment for contributors: a modest payment for contributions (the details are being worked out by the editors and will be publicized when decided)

3) a scholarship for a graduate student working in humor studies (details to be announced)

4) payment to the managing editor: this would be after other expenses, if the website develops beyond an academic endeavor into a part-time job; this decision and option is a few years down the road.

I am not sure how much money will be made via advertising.  For now, the goal is to cover expenses and see how the situation develops. I will be open about the financial aspect of the site.  Please feel free to ask me questions via email.

See below for sample ads from some of our contributors.  Thank you.  Tracy

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