Sunday Stand-Up: Don Rickles

Tracy Wuster

As a break from grading a wonderful set of student projects (and remember, if you have a class on humor that you want to coordinate with this site, let me know), I watched “The Comedy Awards,” which are precisely what they sound like.  Best award show ever.  Not that such praise qualifies as high, or even moderate.  But funny.

The highlight was clearly the presentation of “The Johnny Carson Award” to Don Rickles.  The introduction of Rickles by Robert Dinero and Jon Stewart was excellent, and Rickles’s speech, although a little uncomfortable at times, was surprisingly heartfelt.  But what made me think of putting the below clip up was the clip package of Rickles performing, which included a brief moment of his performance at Reagan’s 1985 inauguration.  While the whole thing is fascinating to watch, I was especially interested in Rickles’s greeting of the President, which begins at the 1:30 mark.

A lifelong Democrat, Rickles performed at the event because his friend–a singer named Sinatra–requested.  I would imagine that there were many nervous people in the audience, although Reagan seems to be laughing.

Rickles’ Book
by Don Rickles

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