Looking for Contributing Editors

Tracy Wuster

Hello dear reader.  The editorial staff at “Humor in America” is looking to add one or two new contributing editors.  The role of the contributing editors is to provide content to the blog on a regular basis.  More precisely, the goal is for each contributing editor to provide one post per month–either a longer, feature post or a shorter post (i.e. Sunday Stand-up, a Happy Birthday post, or a shorter piece along those lines).  We also hope that editors will solicit posts from friends, colleagues, and others to add to the site.  Since this is a non-paid endeavor, the only deadlines are those imposed by you on yourself, and we promote a flexible and understanding environment.

The goal of Humor in America is to provide its authors an outlet for work that is informed by and informs the academic study of humor.  Our posts generally receive a good readership, ranging from one hundred views to over one thousand.  We have had good success building an audience for the site, generally, and for most posts, specifically.  We welcome editors interested in a large range of American humor, and we encourage new ideas and new voices.

Currently, the site is non-commercial, which means that contributors do not get paid, but you do retain all rights to your material.  There is the possibility of a small amount of commercialization on the site to pay for maintenance, expansion, and–possibly–contributions.   If you are interested, have any questions, etc. etc., please contact Tracy Wuster at wustert@gmail.com


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