War for the Hearts and Minds

Today’s guest poet is humorist Sam Sackett. No further introduction needed.


By: Sam Sackett

Our black, brown, and yellow brothers,
Our affection for you smothers
All the prejudice we lately used to feel.
We assure your our emotion,
Our very fond devotion,
Though of recent date is nothing less than real.

We understand your yearning
For accelerated earning,
But to take by force we hope you’ll disavow.
And we do request your silence
On our history of violence;
We don’t need it, for we’ve got what we want now.

So we greet you as our brothers,
Asking you to spurn all others,
Because we so sincerely wish you well.
But if you should neglect us,
Oppose us or reject us,
We have power enough to blow you all to hell.


With a doctorate in English from UCLA, Sam Sackett taught at a midwestern university for 23 years before burning and dropping  out.  He worked for a newspaper, then an advertising agency, then a public relations firm; next, having become an expert on career change, he spent 15 years as a career management practitioner.  He retired in Thailand for six years and is now back in the U.S.  He has published two collections of short stories, Through Farang Eyes and Snapshots of Thailand, some of which are humorous; and three novels, Sweet Betsy from Pike, The Robin Hood Chronicles, and Adolf Hitler in Oz, all of which contain at least some humor.  A fourth novel, Huckleberry Finn Grows Up, will be out later this year.

(c) Sam Sackett, 2012

Sam’s Webpage!


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Sweet Betsy from Pike
by Sackett Sam Sackett

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