Stand-up Sunday: The Comedians of Podcast Comedy

The recent comedy podcast boom is something I explore in my work outside the blog. The comedy podcast landscape has become something of a boomtown. The 2008 Writer’s Guild strike drove a number of comedians to explore Internet comedy as an alternative production environment, and given the low barrier to entry, self-publishing became an increasingly popular practice. Today, you can find a comedy podcast to suit any of your tastes. Like serious conversations about the craft and about the lives of comedians? Try Marc Maron’s very popular WTF. What about movies? Given Doug Benson a shot. Are video games your thing? Kumail Nanjiani and The Indoor Kids have you covered. The list goes on and on.

Of course, the shift to Internet comedy has not been a totalizing one. Real, live stand-up still exists! As proof I offer a slew of video recordings. Here are some of the comedians of comedy podcasting.

Other notable podcasts:

Comedy Bang Bang

The Nerdist

The Pod F. Tomkast

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