Stand-Up Sunday: Comedians on Gay Marriage

Tracy Wuster

The recent court decision on California’s Proposition 8, and the passage of gay marriage bills in Washington and Maryland, have once again brought the issue of gay marriage to the fore in our cultural conversation.  On personal, political, legal, and moral grounds, I am a strong supporter of gay marriage.  But, in my professional role in the field of humor studies, I must also say that gay marriage wins on humorous grounds–in that those  who are in favor of gay marriage (both comedians, pundits, and generally anyone who discusses the subject) are funnier than those who are opposed…in my professional opinion.  Below are some comedians discussing the subject.  Feel free to post other links in the comments.

Warning: there are dirty words in some of the videos.

Wanda Sykes

Louis C.K.

Ellen Degeneres

There is more!

Margaret Cho’s Protest Song

Derek Sheen

Jessica Halem

Pat Robertson (he’s a comedian, right?)


4 responses

  1. The biggest issues always produce the best humor.

  2. Изложенный материал отличный и тема раскрыта.

  3. […] to President Obama’s changed stance on gay marriage is obviously big news.  While I have argued before that proponents of gay marriage have a funnier argument than opponents, when it comes Obama’s […]

  4. […] in light of our recent discussion of gay marriage (in cartoons here; in stand-up here), please enjoy a cartoon featuring […]

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