Humor Studies Caucus of the ASA: Call for Papers

DEADLINE: January 13

The Humor Studies Caucus of the American Studies Association is seeking papers for the 2012 ASA Conference:

“Dimensions of Empire and Resistance:

Past, Present, and Future”

November 15-18, 2012: Puerto Rico Convention Center, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Proposals on any aspect of American Humor will be welcome, including, but not limited to:

 Stand-Up Comedy      Jokes    Wit   Merriment

Literary Humor (both high- and low-brow)

Richard Pryor    Film    Satire    Will Rogers

Comedy Jokes    Risibility     Sitcoms

Laughter    Mark Twain      Dirty Jokes

Lenny Bruce     Ventriloquism     the Circus

Marietta Holley      Margaret Cho

subtle humor     broad humor

regional humor     transnational humor     ethnic humor

and even puns…

Proposals due by: January 13th

Panels will be assembled for submission by the January 26 deadline.

Proposals should be no more than 500 words and should include a brief CV.  Please include current ASA membership status.

Proposals should be sent to Tracy Wuster:

For more CFP and other news, see the announcements section.

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