Visual Humor Editor–Coming Soon

Tracy Wuster

Here at “Humor in America,” we have seen a significant number of people searching for political cartoons.  As a form of visual humor, cartoons are a key facet of American humor.  The study of visual humor was historically taken less seriously than the study of literary humor, although recent work has begun to rectify this disparity.

The editorial board of “Humor in America” has found a Visual Humor editor to post on a regular basis (one or two times per month) about visual humor in America.  We envision this subject broadly–from Columbus (and before) to today’s newspaper; from all regions of America to the “Americas” imagined hemispherically; visual humor by Americans and about Americans; and visual humor of a wide range of genre–cartoons, comic strips, high art, folk art, graffiti, sculpture, film, advertisements, graphic novels, comic books, photographs, etc. etc.


One response

  1. I love political cartoons. Nothing like getting out a message threw the use of art. They do say a picture says a thousand words. We tend to learn the most when we are happy and content.Being that political cartoons make you laugh its chances of educating its viewer increases dramatically.

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