Occupy Wall Street Cartoons, Post 2

Tracy Wuster

There has been significant interest in the subject of political cartoons on Occupy Wall Street. Here are a few new cartoons and links of collections of cartoons.  The crackdowns on the OWS protesters this week have created new images connected to the subject–such as the anonymous or otherwise militarized police and the question of Constitutional rights.

Drew Sheneman-Tribune Media Services

Michael Ramirez-Creators Syndicate

While the comparison of the OWS movement to the Tea Party is undoubtedly important, the above cartoon seems shallow and not terribly humorous.  The below piece, on the other hand, is more evocative–and not entirely clear on its political stance.

Don Wright-Tribune Media Services

The above from: U.S. News  (See link for 22 more cartoons)

See below for:

Independent comic artists on the OWS movement

Liberal Website Daily Kos features regular comics as part of their activism

Michael Cavna’s Washington Post column on cartoons

Daryl Cagle’s Cartoon Blog

*Independent comic artists on the OWS movement:

*Liberal Website Daily Kos features a regular comics feature as part of their activism:

Matt Bors

*A Tale of Two Occupy Cartoonists, from the Washington Post “Comic Riffs” blog by Michael Cavna.

See also his post on “Occupy Sketchbook” and his post on Syd Hoff, as well as Phil Nel’s post from last week on this site.

*Daryl Cagle’s Cartoon Blog–two different views on the protests:


*Another good collection of cartoons, including the below:

What cartoons have struck you as interesting or important?  What sources are you looking at?  Is there a cartoonist you love (or dislike)?  Please comment below.

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