3000 page views!

Thank you to all our readers–yesterday we marked our 3000th page view.  Thank you as well to our contributors and contributing editors for all your… contributions.

Stats below

Busiest day: September 12 (the debut of Sharon McCoy’s 1st regular contribution).

Average daily views, averaged by week: between 21 and 42

Average daily views, by month:

August: 18

September: 39

October: 30

November: 48

Search engine terms used to find us:

*occupy wallstreet cartoons (or some version): 42

*other political cartoon searches: 47

*related to the cartoon finger that is our logo: 26

*”Mark Twain”: 21

*”Huck Finn”: 20

*dogs and monkey: 29

*Halloween (some version): 11

*Paul Laurence Dunbar: 6

+ several hundred others

Most popular outgoing links:

statesmanjournal.com/article/20111009/OPINION/111007042/-Occupy-Wall-Street-other-editorial-cartoons-about-economy 10
slu.edu/academic/ahsa/index.htm 9
kiskislog.blogspot.com 9
harpweek.com/09Cartoon/BrowseByDateCartoon.asp?Month=February&Date=27 8
groups.google.com/group/american-humor 7

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