Call for Contributions

Tracy Wuster, Managing Editor

Please see the “Contribute” page for the all-purpose, all-the-time CFP for this site.  We are always looking for contributions on topics related to American humor and humor studies more generally.  Occasionally, we will be posting more specific calls on specific topics.  We are currently hoping for a contributions on a few specific topics:

1. Societies and academic groups:  Are you a representative of an author society, center, or a scholarly group that relates to American humor?  We are looking for posts from such societies that describe their activities–generally and specifically.  This is a chance for you to promote your society to people interested in humor studies and to keep those people informed of your work.

2. American Politics:  M. Thomas Inge’s post, “Politics and the American Sense of Humor,” was this site’s inaugural post as we went “public” in August.  Readers continue to find and read Tom’s post, as evidenced by a steady stream of people searching the internet for information on “political humor,” “political cartoons,” and related subjects.

We would like to post a number of posts over the course of a week on the broad subjects introduced by Dr. Inge’s post–the relationship between American politics and American humor throughout American history, political cartoons in general or specific political cartoons, specific eras or figures, or related subjects.  We are looking for pieces of any length–from longer essays to short analyses–to run beginning November 5th, one year from the 2012 presidential election.  Please contact me at if you might be interested in contributing.

Finally, we are still considering people who might like to be our “Poetry Editor,” with the task of posting a weekly poem with short introduction.





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