the managing editor.


The very next person who views this website will be the 1000th viewer (or so, the site counts individual page views…).  Still, in approximately one month of existence, we have had quite a few views.  Thank you.

Check below for stats:

Busiest Day–August 12 (our “launch” day)———-167 views

2nd busiest day–September 7th (yesterday)———60 views

Average views per week——————————-14-48

Most viewed page (homepage)———————–693

Most viewed essay–Politics and the American Sense of Humor—-49

(to be fair, many of the essays are fully on the front page and thus are not counted as much in these stats)

Common Search terms: “cartoon”——————12





something related to the cartoon pointy finger ——9


facebook fans—————————————18


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