Happy Labor Day!



Originally from Labor Day 2011, with new additions below the jump.

While there are many reasons that this labor day might not be the happiest, there are crucial ways in which humor might be valuable in addressing social problems.  As Brenda Frink examines in her article on humor and feminism, humor can illuminate social inequalities and satirize problems through inversion and impersonation.   M. Thomas Inge’s piece provides a great primer on the history of political humor.

See also:

This on the pitfalls of activist humor, by Bonnie Applebeet.

This on the leftist satire of A. Redfield.

This and this on cartoons of Occupy Wall Street.

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Finally, a Happy Birthday to Loudon Wainwright III (whose birthday landed on Labor Day in 2011)…with a fitting song.


And a new comic for those of you entering the workforce:

labor day humor cartoon job


labor day humor jokes cartoon jobs


labor day cartoon humor jokes job creator unions





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  1. […] have used holidays as a means of exploring humor (and filling space).  From Fourth of July to Labor Day to Halloween, we have marked certain ritual days by linking them to their related humor. […]

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